One sales company for all Inova Fruit varieties

P r e s s  r e l e a s e

GELDERMALSEN, The Netherlands, 26th of May 2011. Inova Fruit will be responsible for the sales of their introduced apple varieties. This was decided during the general meeting. For the sales a new partnership 'Inova Fruit Verkoop BV' will be created, a government unit under the umbrella of Inova Fruit.

The Greenery, Royal Fruitmasters, Fruitveiling Zuid Limburg, Veiling Zaltbommel, Veiling Haspengouw, NFO and Inova Fruit BV have been working hard these last few weeks to realize the combining of the sales. The sales concern Junami, Rubens, Wellant and other top fruit varieties, that will be introduced in the future. Currently, the new sales company will appoint an experienced sales manager. In the near future, before the new season crop all efforts will be made to get the new sales BV operating.

With the founding of the new company, Inova Fruit BV made an important step to realize it's mission by using the power in the chain optimally according to director Karel van der Linden of Inova Fruit. "We are going to strengthen the brand awareness and sales of our varieties at home and abroad. There are still many sales opportunities and various ways to offer our varieties to the consumer. An important task of the new company is to attract new buyers."

Growers and other parties involved will receive further information over the following weeks.